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Together, we have taken many positive steps toward a Better Richmond. Let’s keep walking!


Included here you will find a sampling of the many positive steps we have taken as a City and a community. Many good people from the City staff, Council, local businesses, not-for profit organizations, churches and residents made these accomplishments possible. I am happy to be a part of our movement forward. We still have a long way to go toward the Better Richmond that we deserve.

We are on our way. Richmond is changing!

Community Infrastructure and Economic Development
Sunday, June 12, from 1 to 3 PM: Join us for a Meeting to discuss a signature arts project at the Port -

GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Richmond Transit Station and Macdonald Avenue Streetscape Signal Downtown Renovation (2007-2008) - “A Livable, walkable community environment is taking shape in Richmond,” said Mayor McLaughlin at the opening of the Intermodal Transit Station in October 2007. The station opened next to Richmond Transit Village where 132 homes were developed in the first phase, with 70 more homes, 27,000 square feet of retail and an 800-space parking garage to come. In 2008, beautiful new lighting, benches, and historic markers were put up on Macdonald Avenue from Harbour Way to Richmond BART. This area is part of the Macdonald Avenue revitalization, in which the City is investing and partnering with community-based organizations, like the Richmond Main Street Initiative, to deeply transform historic downtown Richmond into a pedestrian-friendly urban village.

GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Richmond Upgrades 6 Community Centers: $1.5 Million in Improvements (June 2007) - The work included new roofs, lighting, carpeting and basketball-court flooring. "We need to have these places for recreation, arts, culture and job training," Mayor McLaughlin said. "There's a lot more this city can do, and I'll be pushing for full programming for our centers."
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Grand Re-opening of Richmond Civic Center Complex (September 2009)  - The original City Hall plaza needed major seismic retrofitting work. The $100 million modernization project was completed in June and city departments moved in during the summer. Mayor McLaughlin said, “We’re going in a new energy-efficient, greener direction with incredible public art, and reclaiming this public space right in the heart of Richmond.”
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010East Bay Green Corridor Partnership Picks Up Steam (July 2009) - “With the University of California driving innovation, progress continues toward the goal of making the East Bay a regional hub of environmental research and green-collar jobs… generating the green stuff that's going into the pockets of those who haven't had it before,” said Mayor McLaughlin. Seven new partners [the cities of Alameda, San Leandro, Albany, and El Cerrito; the community-college districts of Peralta and Contra Costa; and Cal State East Bay] are joining the original founding cities of Richmond, Berkeley, Oakland, and Emeryville.
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Richmond Repairs its Roads (September 2008) - The City spent $10 million in 2007 fixing Richmond’s pocked and cracked streets, substantially more than the $3 million spent annually until 2005. In 2008, the City budgeted an additional $7 million for street repairs. The city's average Pavement Condition Index rating has climbed from 46 in 2006 (when Richmond ranked second to last in a Bay Area streets assessment), to 58 in 2007. However, to get roads to a PCI rating of about 80 — the kind of smooth pavement found in Concord and Livermore —Mayor McLaughlin supported the manufacturing fee initiative (“Measure T”) to fund street repairs and to hire local residents to do it.
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Richmond Becomes Home to Largest, Solar-Powered, Affordable Housing in U.S. (June 2008) - Crescent Park Neighborhood underwent a $70 million restoration by EAH Housing and a $7 million dollar solar installation. Now all 378 apartments are provided solar power, reducing greenhouse gases and lowering utility costs for this large, family complex. “EAH has created an affordable housing complex that not only brings value to our city but, with its commitment to solar energy, has also taken on a stewardship role as well,” said Mayor McLaughlin. The complex also bridges the technological divide with its HUD "Best Practices" Award Computer Learning Center.
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Restored Richmond Plunge will be “Healthiest Public Swimming Pool in America” (2010) - In a unique public/private partnership, the Richmond Friends of Recreation worked with the City to raise the necessary funds to retrofit, upgrade, and reopen the historic Plunge. Soon the facility that Todd Jersey, architect for the Richmond Plunge, calls “the healthiest pool in America” will be open to all Richmond residents.
Community Infrastructure, Economic Development and Jobs
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Governor Schwarzenegger Lauds Green Tech Jobs in Richmond (January 2010) - Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger toured SunPower Systems' facility in Richmond's historic Ford building. The manufacturer is one of the world's top producers of solar power systems. The Richmond facility now employs about 250; it soon hopes to expand. "That is incredible, in this economic downturn," Schwarzenegger said. "What is good for the environment is also good for the economy, and this is a perfect example here." Mayor McLaughlin echoed the Governor’s sentiments: "We want our green businesses to stay in Richmond We think we can turn the tide, and continue this economic development."
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Target Opens as Anchor in East Macdonald New Shopping Center (July 2008) - The 146,000-square-foot store opened, employing 300 workers (a majority are Richmond residents) and projecting to generate $600,000 in sales tax revenue a year. New street lights, benches, trees, and wider sidewalks were added to revive the east end of Macdonald Avenue. Similar work is underway from Harbour Way to 19th Street.
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010700 New Businesses Open in Richmond during 2007-2010, Creating 1000 + Jobs - According to data from City’s Finance Department, between 2007 and January 2010, 708 new business licenses were granted to new companies choosing Richmond as their place for business operations, a three-year average of 230 new businesses a year (this figure excludes licenses for renting a property.) The businesses were small and medium in size and included both sole proprietor/operator and firms with a number of employees. In addition to sole proprietors more than 1000 employees were reported to work at one of these 700 new businesses at the time of application for a business license. Remarkably, even during these hard economic times new businesses continue to start-up in or to come to Richmond at rates similar to previous years. The great majority of these businesses survived the difficult first years of business operations and are conducting business today. Hero Arts, an international craft stamp manufacturing company with 55 employees is an example of the new businesses manufacturing in Richmond.
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010City Meets Goals for Hiring Local Residents (April 2008) - Local records, reviewed by the West County Times, showed that one-third of Richmond public employees live within its borders. The city requires that at least 20% to 30% of its contractors’ workforce be local. “More people working and living in Richmond strengthens the tax base and provides revenue for services, and I intend to see that number grow higher," Mayor McLaughlin said.
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Richmond Youth Corps Takes Shape (2009, 2010) - Mayor McLaughlin's proposal for a Richmond Youth Corps, currently being implemented by Employment and Training, is placing our young people in part-time jobs during the school year within City Departments.  "Over the course of this year, nearly a hundred Richmond youth will be employed after school and on weekends as part of the RYC, helping us move the City forward, while learning new skills on which to build their future," said Mayor McLaughlin.
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Richmond Pilots Solar Thermal Rebate Program Linked To Local ‘Green-Collar’ Jobs (2009-2010) - Introduced by Mayor Gayle McLaughlin, a new initiative in Richmond will pilot a solar thermal rebate program that requires customers to utilize locally trained labor. Solar thermal systems use the power of the sun to heat water. The pilot program will offer a $1,000 rebate per system for 25 rooftops. “Richmond is leading the way in providing pathways out of poverty in the solar field,” said McLaughlin.
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Richmond Partners with Private Developers for Senior Housing In Iron Triangle (2007-2009) - The project built 237 condominiums with more than 24,000 square feet of retail space at 11th Street, and the 66-unit Trinity Plaza Senior Housing at Macdonald Ave and Third Street.
Building Community and Social and Economic Justice
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Richmond City Council Passes Just Cause Eviction Ordinance: Tenants Protected From Unfair Evictions From Foreclosed Home (June 2009) - Following up on a call in 2008 for a 6-month moratorium on all foreclosures to allow residents to negotiate with lenders, Richmond became the second city in California to enact a "Just Cause" ordinance protecting tenants from unfair evictions from foreclosed homes. The ordinance spells out 12 specific circumstances where eviction is allowed, none of which is foreclosure. The ordinance provides an affirmative defense for a tenant in an unlawful detainer action, contains retaliatory eviction protection and it requires payment of a relocation fee in the amount of two times the monthly rent plus $1000.
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Mayor Stands with Richmond Tent City Peace Movement (September 2007) - Mayor McLaughlin and Police Chief Chris Magnus visited the encampment at Nevin Park, one of four camps pitched in parks around the city in response to a wave of shootings that claimed three lives and injured more than a dozen others in less than a week. “This movement will not stop. This journey will not stop until we resolve the violence in Richmond, until we show that peace is the consciousness of Richmond,” McLaughlin said. Tent City Peace Movement officials say the camps are a reminder that parks and other public spaces belong to the entire community, not just gang members or criminals.
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Annual Women in Solidarity Event Focuses on Unity, Social Justice (March 2009) - More than 200 women and men gathered for Richmond’s Women in Solidarity celebration, an annual event initiated by Mayor McLaughlin in 2008. The 2009 event featured performances by local singers, dancers, and drummers and a keynote address from former Black Panther Party member Elaine Brown. “Extraordinary,” McLaughlin said. “It was all about social justice and unity in Richmond.” Over 20 local organizations co-sponsored the event, including RYSE Youth Center, Black Women Organized for Political Action, Morada de Mujeres del Milenio/STAND! Against Domestic Violence, Mothers Against Senseless Killing, Rosie the Riveter WWII Homefront National Historic Park, and the Latina Center.
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Mayor McLaughlin Joins Clergy in Protecting Immigrants (January 2007) - McLaughlin spoke at an immigration forum at St. Mark’s Catholic Church hosted by Contra Costa Interfaith Supporting Community Organization (CCISCO). "I do not want our ... residents to live under terror," said Mayor McLaughlin. “That is how hundreds of thousands of families have lived”, she said, since Immigration and Customs Enforcement began a nationwide push in immigrant communities, including Richmond. Later in May she joined faith leaders from across the country in Washington to demand that the Department of Homeland Security stop conducting mass immigration raids.
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Nevin Park Receives Total Transformation (January 2009) - With an investment of $2.8 million, Nevin Park has been completely reconstructed and fitted with state-of-the-art playground structures and amenities. “A dream come true!” said Mayor McLaughlin at the inaugural event.
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Harmony Walk to End Hunger, Greater Richmond Interfaith Program (GRIP) (October 2008) - Mayor McLaughlin joined hundreds of Richmond walkers who came out in support of peace and to end hunger. “I do know that many families in Richmond struggle to make ends meet, and often do not have enough to eat. I stand with these families and with the families who are homeless and in need,” said Mayor McLaughlin.
Building Community Peace and Preventing Crime
Richmond Summer Youth Employment Program Provides 1,700 Youth Work Placements in 3 Years.
In 2009 youth placements jumped 34% compared to 2008. Youth from North Richmond, the Iron Triangle and Belding Woods neighborhoods (n=323) were 46% of all the youth employed in 2009.
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010MLK Community Leadership Service Awards Given to Activists Against Violence (January 2008) - Initiated by Mayor McLaughlin in 2007, the award recipients in 2008 included Mothers Against Senseless Killing; The Latina Center; Victory Outreach Church; Tent City Peace Movement; “Plant Love Not Fear” Children’s March and Nevin Park Funeral Procession to Bury Drugs, Guns and Violence.
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Office of Neighborhood Safety Funded (July 2007) - “We have advanced one more step toward a better Richmond," said Mayor McLaughlin, a strong proponent and consistent supporter of the new office and its street outreach team. "And this is a clear sign that Richmond-bred movements are coming together – Tent City, the Latino community, neighborhood councils, and law enforcement – all coming together for neighborhood safety, and I am very proud to be part of that."

GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Violent Crimes in Richmond Show a Declining Trend, Property Crimes Also Decline (January 2009) - Violent crimes are an ongoing serious problem in our City. Nevertheless all violent crimes combined show a significant declining trend over the last four years, the combined results of both community and Richmond Police Department efforts. Homicides dropped 43% in 2008 from the previous year, and in 2009 they went back up to the 2007 level.


GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Richmond BUILD Honored by FBI (December 2008) - The Richmond BUILD program, the city’s innovative violence prevention and job training program for local residents, was honored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) with the agency’s prestigious 2008 FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award. Charlene Thornton, FBI special agent in charge of San Francisco operations, presented Mayor McLaughlin with a certificate and plaque to celebrate the program’s success. “Those of you in the orange shirts are making a difference. You are turning the lives of your families around. You are turning the city around. You are turning the planet around,” said McLaughlin as she accepted the award for Richmond Build.
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Solar Richmond Hailed by U.S. Conference of Mayors (April 2009) - Cofounded by Mayor McLaughlin, Solar Richmond, was lauded by U.S. Mayors as “at the forefront of green jobs training programs”. Directed by Michele McGeoy, Solar Richmond works to promote solar energy on all fronts including advocating for local policies to support the solar industry, providing solar panel installation training and job placement for Richmond’s disadvantaged populations, offering low-cost solar panel installation for low-income homeowners, and supplying a bidding service to residents interested in installing solar panels in their homes.
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Richmond Earns “Solar Champion” Recognition (July 2009) - “Environment California” presented Mayor McLaughlin and the city with a “2009 Solar Champion” award for ranking among the top 15 cities in the state for solar capacity. Richmond has more than 144 solar roofs totaling 5,076 kilowatts of solar power capacity. “Richmond is leading the way to a solar future,” McLaughlin said. “We are profoundly committed to not only creating a sustainable environment, but also to creating those essential pathways out of poverty through healthy, clean energy jobs.”
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Building Healthy Communities Selects Richmond For $100 Million For 10 years. The California Endowment identified Richmond as one of 14 communities throughout California to partner with to achieve the goals outlined in the 10-year strategic initiative, Building Healthy Communities – places where kids and youth are healthy, safe, and ready to learn. The endowment said about Richmond: “With its history of activism, particularly around environmental justice issues, the community is poised to move forward, bringing with it the commitment, diversity of viewpoints and an engaged leadership that are needed to transform an unhealthy community into a healthy community. Youth violence, industrial pollution, needed infrastructure, and blight abatement are all issues of concern…and provide a tremendous opportunity for The California Endowment to make a difference in the Iron Triangle and North Richmond neighborhoods where the foundation will focus its investments.”
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Richmond Police Force Expands and Enhances Crime Fighting Capabilities (2007-2010) - As of February 2010 the Richmond Police Department has a total of 186 sworn officers in direct crime fighting responsibilities and several hundred auxiliary personnel. This represents a significant increase in police force capabilities since 2006. Under Chief Chris Magnus, the RPD has embraced a community policing approach and has been supported by the community and the Office of Neighborhood Safety. It also incorporated cutting edge technologies to automatically read and check license plates, an initiative introduced by Mayor McLaughlin, as well as technologies to detect shootings and to monitor high crime areas.
Building a Cleaner, Greener, Healthier Community
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Richmond First in County to Pass Green Building Law (April 2009) - A new green building ordinance awards points for buildings that use recycled materials, are energy efficient or that employ other "green" measures focused on conservation and using resources efficiently. Mayor McLaughlin emphasized the long-term savings: "The energy cost savings are a tremendous incentive to go forward with this.” Business community members embraced the green construction trend.
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Richmond Celebrates Earth Day Every Year - Mayor McLaughlin joined many volunteers in rolling up their sleeves to clean up sections of the Wildcat Creek near the Chevron refinery and sections of the Richmond Greenway
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Richmond Greenway Transforms Large Stretch of Abandoned Railroad Property (2007-2009) - As both a local and regional transportation and open space resource, the Greenway will provide people with opportunities to exercise, socialize, observe wild life, and experience the outdoors with their families and friends. The Greenway runs along the former Santa Fe railroad corridor, connecting the San Francisco Bay Trail on the west with El Cerrito’s Ohlone Greenway in the east.
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Community Now Protects North Richmond Open Space Shoreline - The vision of a beautiful park, healthy neighborhoods, and a scenic parkway is reaffirmed with the North Richmond Shoreline Area Neighborhood Housing and Economic Zone. Long a dumping ground for East Bay communities, large swaths of the shoreline’s marshlands have been illegally filled, causing severe environmental damage. The West County landfill is stuffed to capacity after 50 years of dumping. Sewage treatment plants pollute Wildcat Creek Marsh, and Chevron expelled contaminated refinery wastewater into Castro Cove for nearly a century. No more! Now the community is in charge to create a healthy shoreline with the full support of Mayor McLaughlin.
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Richmond Passes New Food Ware Ordinance (2009-2010) - The ordinance will help reduce the prevalence of Styrofoam and plastic trash and promote the use of compostable food ware products. Acceptable food ware products include paper, cardboard, plant-based products, and aluminum products that have significantly less environmental impact over the course of their life cycles.
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Leadership on Climate Change (2007-2010) - Based on efforts initiated by the Mayor’s Office, Richmond became one of the first cities to include a Climate Change Element in its new updated General Plan. Richmond also completed its Greenhouse Gas Inventory in 2008, which outlines and identifies the source and amount of greenhouse gases emitted within the city limits. In February 2010, Richmond city leaders recognized the need to get atmospheric carbon dioxide levels to below 350 parts per million from 387 ppm, which leading scientists say is needed to prevent severe climate change.
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Groundbreaking New Rules for Cell Antennas Protect Community (July 2009) - Initiated by Mayor McLaughlin, the new ordinance sets comprehensive and rigorous standards for wireless communication facilities in Richmond to address community concerns as well as current legal and technical issues. Community representatives and City officials worked together to create a model ordinance that can be used by other cities. “This is an excellent example of elected officials and city staff taking a cue from the community and working with them to come up with an ordinance that meets the needs of our residents while still allowing the wireless corporations to do business here on our terms,” Mayor McLaughlin said.
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010No Harmful Pesticides Sprayed Over Richmond (May 2009) - The Mayor joined a lawsuit to prevent the spraying over Richmond and nearby localities of CheckMate LBAM-F, the chemical used to battle the light brown apple moth. The pesticide, never tested on humans, had caused harm to infants, children, the elderly, and the chemically sensitive, as well as to seabirds, upland birds and other wild and domestic animals during a three-month spraying program in Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties in 2007. McLaughlin and fellow plaintiffs prevailed: the federal EPA ordered a ban on the sprays.
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Superior Court Orders Expansion Work on Chevron Refinery Halted (July 2009) - In a lawsuit filed by 3 local environmental groups, a judge rejected Chevron’s Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for its proposed refinery expansion, vindicating the deep and longstanding concerns about the EIR expressed by Mayor McLaughlin and a council minority. The judge halted the refinery expansion because the EIR failed to include a comprehensive evaluation of the effects of the refinery expansion and failed to declare whether or not the project would enable the oil company to process heavier and more polluting crude oils at the site. “Judge Zuniga’s decision will enable the development of a good project at the refinery, one in which all the requirements and regulations are spelled out in the EIR,” said Mayor McLaughlin
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010New Community Gardens Spring up in Richmond (April 2008) City of Richmond employees, community volunteers, literacy students, seniors and library users celebrated the creation of the “Richmond Public Library Garden,” with Mayor McLaughlin planting the first flowers of spring. Other community gardens created since 2007 to grow vegetables, fruit and medicinal plants include “Berryland” and “Lincoln School Farms” on the Richmond Greenway, “Peace Garden” at 1st and Nevin, “Humboldt Garden” at Humboldt and Solano, “HEAL Garden” at 23rd and Garvin, the rebuilt “Richmond High School Garden” and the “Kennedy High School Garden” just built under the leadership of urbantilth.org
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010City Staff Green Team Formed and Environmental Staff Hired (September 2008) - Initiated by Mayor McLaughlin’s office, the City’s Green Team was formed and staff hired to develop and implement the environmental initiatives that the City Council directs staff to undertake. On September 16, 2008, Richmond became a signatory of the Urban Environmental Accords, a declaration of more than 100 municipalities worldwide to build ecologically sustainable, economically dynamic, and socially equitable urban futures, and in January 2010, Richmond was welcomed as a Green Cities California member.
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Cleaner Locomotive Rides the Rails: Richmond Runs Low-emission Train (March 2007)  - Richmond Pacific Railroad rolled out a rebuilt "cleaner and greener" locomotive that has been outfitted with low-emission devices, preventing an estimated 10 tons of nitrogen oxide emissions in the next 20 years. Mayor McLaughlin congratulated the railroad company for its social responsibility: "I want to thank our railroad for being innovative and for doing the right thing. Particulate matter causes health problems, and Richmond has some of the highest asthma rates in the Bay Area. The Richmond Pacific Railroad has set a good example.”
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Mayor Introduces Pilot Electric Truck Fleet Program: First City Fleet in U.S. to Incorporate ZAP Trucks (March 2007) - With a pledge to ask the Richmond City Council to create a Department of Environment within 4 years, McLaughlin also announced her commitment to fight global warming by demonstrating Richmond's new electric vehicle pilot program.
Building A More Democratic, Participatory and Transparent City
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Mayor McLaughlin Makes Time for Residents: “Meet with the Mayor” (monthly since 2007) are monthly forum discussions that give residents a chance to ask questions about their city and bring concerns directly to the Mayor. The monthly “Meet with the Mayor” sessions ordinarily take place on the first Friday of the month from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. in the Wittlesey Room of the Richmond Library, located at 325 Civic Center Plaza. Periodically the meetings are held in different neighborhoods throughout the city.
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Richmond’s General Plan Advances With People’s Participation (2007-2010) - Through the updated General Plan, the mayor is committed to saving the shoreline as open space including preserving Breuner Marsh and surrounding area, resisting the move to build urban casinos, and demanding appropriate clean-up of toxic sites. “Gayle represents the grassroots, the everyday citizen. She has made great progress in getting these discussions open to the public,” Richmond Southeast Shoreline Community Advisory Group member Sherry Padgett said. “She is a voice for us in the City Council,” said Parchester Village resident Whitney Dotson. The updated General Plan also advances community health with a groundbreaking Health and Wellness Element.
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010The Contra Costa Times Commends Mayor McLaughlin For Opposing Secret Deals (May 2008) - The Times editorial denounced the Richmond City Council’s [pro-Chevron majority] decision to enter a secrecy deal with the Chevron refinery, saying “it should offend anyone in the Bay Area who values open government.” It also stated that: “Mayor Gayle McLaughlin and Councilmen Tom Butt and Tony Thurmond are to be commended for opposing the secrecy…and the other six members of the council, who were led by Councilwoman Maria Viramontes, should be ashamed.” (Stop the Secret Oil Deal, May 11,2008, WCT)
Public Forum Placed At the Beginning of Richmond Council Meetings - To facilitate the residents’ participation in the affairs of the City and to give them an opportunity to bring forward their concerns the Public Forum was placed at the beginning of the meetings. “Everyone is welcome and everyone gets equal time,” said Mayor McLaughlin who chairs the Richmond City Council meetings.
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Youth Event Promotes Democratic Participation Among Future Leaders (October 2009) - Mayor Gayle McLaughlin and the Richmond’s Southeast Asian Young Leaders (SEAYL) program co-sponsored the Youth Stopping Violence Summit 2009. “I am not a high school dropout. I am not a drug dealer or a gang banger. I am not the negative of Richmond, California,” said Phon Chanthanasak (photo) student at San Francisco State University. The Youth Summit allows for reaffirmation and workshops on topics such as anger management, positive hip-hop, and how to use the law as protection instead of violence. “The Youth Summits also promote the values and skills of public participation, public speaking, discussing alternatives and presenting ideas to others, all at the very base of our democratic system. They are preparing to lead,” said Mayor McLaughlin.
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Richmond Surveys Residents To Learn Spending Priorities (2007 and 2009) - The City Council approved enrolling in the National Research Center’s (NRC) National Citizen Survey program in order to conduct a resident survey to help the City Council set spending priorities for the 2007/08 and 2009/2010 fiscal years and to set a benchmark and measure City service delivery. The surveys’ results may be found in the City’s website www.ci.richmond.ca.us . “We must always ask the people,” said Mayor McLaughlin.
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Richmond Supports Organized Labor’s Employee Free Choice Act(March 2009) - A resolution introduced by Mayor McLaughlin was approved by the Council. Mayor McLaughlin stated: “We are in solidarity. The freedom to form or join a union is a fundamental human right.” The Richmond ordinance requested federal legislation that protects and preserves the freedom of America’s workers to organize and join an union by establishing meaningful penalties for violations of a worker’s right to join a union, and authorizes the National Labor Relations Board to certify a union by majority sign-up.
Supporting Education, Culture, The Arts, Our Youth
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Richmond Supports Local Schools with $3 million and Libraries Re-Open (2009)  - The City came to the rescue of several public elementary schools and Kennedy High School threatened with closure by the financial difficulties of the West Contra Costa Unified School District. The City also reopened the Bayview and the Westside Libraries branches and extended the main library hours.
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Supporting Our Youth (2008) - The Richmond Youth and Student Empowerment (RYSE) Center opened to culminate the work of a coalition of youth and youth advocates, Supervisor John Gioia, and the City to give West County youth a place to go and activities to engage them.
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010Richmond Joins Partnership in Unprecedented Arts Collaboration (October 2009) - Recognizing the arts as a significant, transformational, and affirming force in civic life, regional economies and education, the cities of Berkeley, Emeryville, Oakland, and Richmond joined a partnership to promote their arts in a new East Bay Culture Corridor (EBCC).
GAYLE MCLAUGHLIN FOR MAYOR 2010City Honors Richmond’s Past, Elders, Diverse Cultures, and Future: Richmond embraced its past and future with festivals honoring the Home Front, Juneteenth, Cinco de Mayo, and 4th of July, as well as recognitions and proclamations for Black History Month, International Women’s Day, and Labor Day.
Together, we have taken many positive steps toward a Better Richmond. Let’s keep walking!

Many good people from the City staff, Council, local businesses, and all our neighborhoods made these accomplishments possible. We still have a long way to go toward the Better Richmond that we deserve.
We are on our way. Richmond is changing!

With your support I will continue to give our City my undivided attention and time. I am not Mayor as a steppingstone to higher office. I’m dedicated to serve the people of Richmond. I take not a penny of corporate campaign money, and I remain independent to serve you, the people and voters of Richmond. With your help, A Better Richmond is Possible!

A Better Richmond is Possible!
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