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Juneteenth - Mayor Gayle with Jalen

We get it Chevron...but we don't agree!

Dear friends:

We are so clear in Richmond that Chevron is trying to buy our democracy.  3 million dollars being spent in a city of 104,000 residents is beyond obscene and simply ridiculous. 
See articles below:




And here is a great letter to the editor (published yesterday in the West County Times) by Richmond resident Kathleen Erwin:

The "Gayle ... come home!" billboards on the 580 corridor in Richmond are a hoot! Richmond has not had a more "present" mayor for a long time:  Far from ignoring Richmond, she is personally engaged with its residents and deeply committed to making the city more attractive, safe and livable. Richmond residents know their mayor and her accomplishments. The regional, and even national (Moyers & Company), acclaim Mayor McLaughlin has earned is a boon to the city's reputation that should be championed, not mocked. Chevron executives, and Moving 'Forward' (Backward?), severely underestimate our intelligence if they think million dollar smear campaigns can buy the election away from Gayle McLaughlin, the Team Richmond candidates, or Tom Butt. Richmond's revitalization under their leadership represents a tide of city-wide citizens' engagement that can't be turned back. Chevron makes a mockery of itself to think that Richmond residents can be hornswoggled. 

To set the record straight:
For 2 terms as mayor, I worked very hard for you.  Right here in Richmond.

I also visited, at no city expense, two places abroad for a total of 12 days over 8 years.  And in 2013 I led an official delegation to our sister city in Regla, Cuba. 

Chevron's political action committee has flooded our mailboxes, billboards and airwaves with lies about these trips.
Why?  Because Chevron wants a City Council it can control so it can pollute more and avoid paying its fair share.

But our democracy is not for sale in Richmond.  I have been privileged over these last 10 years (8 years as mayor), working with all segments of the community, to be part of Richmond's transformation.  That is why - now that I am terming out as mayor - I am running for City Council. 

I am deeply committed to continue our transformation.  We have reversed our downward spiral and are rising from a history of scarcity and despair.  We are shedding our reputation as a city known for its high crime - with our dramatic decrease in crime and quality of life improvements.  Let's keep defining our own destiny! 

Mail-in ballots have arrived, so all those who vote by email, please know how much your civic participation in our democracy counts.  Please cast your votes for continuing our decade of progress...

Vote Gayle McLaughlin, Jovanka Beckles, and Eduardo Martinez for City Council  

Vote Tom Butt for Mayor 

Vote Jael Myrick for the 2-year City Council seat

Thank you,


A Better Richmond is Possible!
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